Pupils / Parents / Carers: New Support Service for Young People

Below is some information about the Platfform service which provides support to young people who may be experiencing Mental Health challenges. There is a link at the bottom of how to apply and you can refer yourself discreetly if you think you need help.


Who are Platfform?

We work with people experiencing challenges with their mental health, and with communities who want to create a greater sense of connection, ownership and wellbeing in the places they live.

We’re driven by the belief that a strengths based approach is the foundation to sustainable wellbeing for everyone. We do not believe that people or communities are “broken” or in need of fixing.

Our work takes a trauma informed approach to understanding mental health and emotional distress, and we see the mental health, and wider health, social care and public sector systems as no longer fit for purpose. Based on illness and deficit models, they deny people the hope and agency to heal.

Having operated in Wales as Gofal for 30 years, as of 24 of July 2019 we are Platfform.

How we work with young people….

Platfform for Young People projects bring young people together so that they can connect and share their experiences with others that may be facing similar challenges to their own. We don’t try to ‘fix’ people, we listen and work with young people to find new ways and strategies that help to promote their mental health and wellbeing.

No one needs a diagnosis to access our projects, we work with anyone who is struggling. We believe it’s important for young people to know that whatever they’re facing, they’re not alone or isolated.

We believe that all young people have innate strengths. Connecting with these strengths is where our work starts.

We work with people aged 13 – 16 in Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot in our Platfform 4YP Swansea Bay project

We do this by letting young people decide what support they need; it can be one to one work with a coach, small social groups, the State of Mind Wellbeing project, getting involved in our various projects like the Song project, the Graft project, the Activist Project, we will build a project if young people want to develop an idea; it’s all about finding their spark ?


Referral can be made here via this link, https://platfform.org/join-platfform4yp/ young people can refer themselves, parents can refer or professionals! We do the referral over the phone so there are no forms to fill in!


For more information, please see our main website www.platfform.org or our young people managed and run website www.platfform4YP.org

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