School Based Staff

Teaching Staff


Principal Responsibility

C Bale


D McGinley

Deputy Headteacher – Wellbeing

(Designated Child Protection Teacher)

(Designated LAC Teacher)

L Morgan

Assistant Headteacher – Developing Capacity/New Deal Lead

J James

Assistant Headteacher – Systems Management & Skills (0.7)

C Burton

Senior Teacher – Additional Learning Needs

(Deputy Designated Child Protection Teacher)

(Deputy Designated LAC Teacher)

S Sloane-Lucas

1 year secondment- Pupil Voice, Rewards & Recognition

L Brown

Key Stage 3 School Manager/KS2-3 Transition Manager

L Harrington

Key Stage 4 School Manager/KS3-4/KS4-5 Transition Manager/Welsh Baccalaureate Manager

I Brooks

Year 9 Learning Manager

B King

Head of Mathematics

E Varney

Head of English

R Jones

Head of Science

J Havard

Acting Head of Science / Standards Manager

J Lewabe

Professional Learning Lead Practitioner/ Head of Faculty of Humanities

R Perkins

Literacy Manager (0.8)

C Bowen

Numeracy Manager (0.6)

F Roda

Head of Faculty of Languages/Primary MFL Project Manager

A Williamson

Head of Faculty of Creative Studies

R Johnston

Acting Numeracy Manager

M Walker

Digital Competency Manager

S Rimmer

Key Stage 3 Mathematics Manager (0.6)

C Barrington

Key Stage 3 English Manager

A Thomas

Key Stage 3 Science Manager

C Maunder

Inclusion Manager

D Lervy

STF Manager

C Stephens

Curriculum Leader of Welsh

H Gwilliam

Acting Welsh Project Manager 

R Denny

Curriculum Leader of Music and Performance

H Ball

Curriculum Leader of History (0.8)

K Harris

Curriculum Leader of Art

A Lewis

Curriculum Leader of RE

A Osborne

Curriculum Leader of ICT Business Communication

D Hughes

Curriculum Leader of Boys’ PE

A Cardy

Curriculum Leader of STF

F James

Teacher of PE/Child Development

L Clarke

Inclusion Teacher

R Clinch

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages and Humanities

D Slarke

Teacher of Science/ STEM Research

G Allen

Teacher of English

S L Thomas

Teacher of Welsh (0.8)

C Stanton

Teacher of English

D Evans

Teacher of Design Technology

Ms J Cook

Teacher of Food Technology

R Hunter

Teacher of Science (Maternity Cover)

E King

Teacher of Science/ESDGC Project Officer

A Williams

Teacher of Mathematics/ESDGC Project Officer

R Davies

Teacher of Mathematics (0.6)

C Lodwig Teacher of Science (Maternity Cover)

H Morgan

Teacher of English/Humanities 

J Morris

Teacher of Humanities

C Taylor

Teacher of Mathematics 

C Mortensen

Teacher of Mathematics

J Shahid

Teacher of Mathematics

R Watkins

Teacher of Science

E O'Dwyer

Teacher of English

K Sweeney

Teacher of Humanities

A Morris

GTP - Science





Principal Responsibility

G Price

Finance/Business Director

M Evans

Wellbeing Manager/KS3 PSE

S Young

School Manager

T McCloskey

ICT Network Manager

K Mitchell

Raising Achievement Co-ordinator

E Thomas

Office Manager

R Thomas

Administration and Organisation Assistant 

N Cole

Cover Manager (0.8)

S Crocker

Access to Learning Co-ordinator

J Grey

Inclusion Co-ordinator

E Bristow

Clerk to Governing Body

C J Jennings

Cluster Literacy Learning Coach (0.6) 

C Lucas

Key Stage 4 Pastoral Support Officer 

S Ballard

Key Stage 3 (Year 9) Pastoral Support Officer/

Parents’ Evenings Co-ordinator

S Ward

Key Stage 3 (Year 7/8) Pastoral Support Officer

A Leyshon

Senior Site Officer/Designated Health & Safety Officer

P Cavalli

Key Stage 4 Learning Coach (0.8)

E Davies

Behaviour Support Officer

C Williams

Cynnydd Learning Coach

C Taylor

Numeracy Officer

M Welch

SEN Survey Officer

M Fairhead

ASD Support Officer

N Cunniffe

Traveller Education Learning Coach(0.6) / Curriculum Resource Assistant (0.4) 

C Diamond

Site Officer

R James

Curriculum Resource Assistant - Science

R Parsons

Cover Supervisor 

J Marples

Learning Coach - Chace

P James

Traveller Education Teaching Assistant (0.4)

C Fender

Administration and Organisation Assistant

C Jones

Administration and Organisation Assistant/

Examinations Administrator

K Alexander

Access to Learning STF Teaching Assistant

H Phippen

Administration and Organisation Assistant/

C Garbutt

Administration and Organisation Assistant (0.4)

E Isbilir

ICT Support Assistant

M Davies

Basic Skills/SEN Survey Reading Support Assistant (0.4)

C Abraham

Teaching Assistant

A Albrighton

Teaching Assistant 

N Beddoes 

Teaching Assistant

A Chapman

Teaching Assistant

B Davies

Teaching Assistant (0.6)

D Hill

Teaching Assistant 

H Lewabe

Teaching Assistant 

C Rees

Teaching Assistant

D Murphy

Teaching Assistant (0.6)

P Martin

Teaching Assistant (0.8)

S Ayres

STF Teaching Assistant

L McCallion

Teaching Assistant

M Murphy

Teaching Assistant

R Lycett

Teaching Assistant

E Price

Teaching Assistant

B Diamond

Curriculum Resource Assistant/Breakfast Club Supervisor

B Jones

Curriculum Resource Assistant - Creative Studies (0.6)

D Collins

Cleaning Supervisor

E Ace


V Allen


S Evans


N Huxtable


A Jenkins


L Jenkins


J Jones


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